Since 1991 GroundSwell’s Artistic Directorate has been delighting and challenging its audiences with an eclectic combination of all that is good about new music. GroundSwell is dedicated to presenting contemporary music, featuring everything from inspiring interpretations of 20th-century classics to exciting fusions of visual art, theatre, dance, and the written word.

The Artistic Directorate is made up of Winnipeg composers Gordon Fitzell, Jim Hiscott, and Michael Matthews, with guests curators rotating yearly. Every season GroundSwell brings you exciting new worlds of contemporary performance, from local music to international works, and is proud to promote and explore the best of Canada’s diverse and vibrant new music scene.


Mission: To present a wide range of contemporary music in a creative and engaging manner.

Vision: To be a leading champion and educator in the field of contemporary music in Canada.

Mandate: To produce and perform contemporary music in Winnipeg and in the Province of Manitoba.


Artistic Mission Statement:

Creativity: GroundSwell encourages its Artistic Directorate, composers and musicians to take artistic risks. GroundSwell presents concerts that reflect current trends in contemporary music. The organization fosters creativity by commissioning new works and engaging a new generation with special outreach initiatives focused on emerging composers.

Artistic Integrity: GroundSwell always provides full recognition to composers and musicians.

Fairness: GroundSwell will always be fair in its dealings with artists, staff, funders and audiences.

Artistic Excellence: GroundSwell strives for artistic excellence at every level of its work.

Prudent Financial Management: GroundSwell understands that it can only continue to present art if it is financially stable.

Recognition and Celebration: Recognize and celebrate successes and achievements.