Special Events

SE1: Annea Lockwood (October 12th, 2017)
In partnership with send + receive: a festival of sound

Born in New Zealand in 1939 and living in the US since 1973, Annea Lockwood is known for her explorations of the rich world of natural acoustic sounds and environments alongside a fascination with electronics and unusual instrumentation. Her works range from sound art and installations, through text-sound and performance art to concert music. For the 19th edition of send + receive Lockwood will be in Winnipeg to present two of her works in concert.

SE2: Even if I lose Everything:
December 8 + 9 @ 7pm
December 10 @ 3pm
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur

“Even if I lose everything…“ That’s what Arvo Pärt wrote on a page of his workbook. For decades in the course of writing music he has filled workbooks with contemplations expressing his moments of grief and joy, his discoveries, worries and experiences – things that bring to light the inner life of the artist.

What does he mean by “Even if I lose Everything? Is this “everything” something that has no value for him anymore? Is he saying that there is something special, a treasure that one could give up “everything” for? What kind of treasure is it?

SE3: Koyaanisqatsi:
April 13 + 14 @ 7pm
April 15 @ 3pm
Cinematheque, 100 Arthur

The Hopi word Koyaanisqatsi, meaning “life out of balance,” defines this iconic documentary. Featuring extensive footage of natural landscapes and elemental forces, the film gives way to scenes of modern civilization and technology, illustrating how human progress has isolated humanity from the natural order. Without narration or dialogue, this thought provoking film combines imagery and music in a distinctive portrayal of modern life.