Black Lives Matter

We at GroundSwell want to express our support for Black Lives Matter. We also recognize the ongoing injustice and racism experienced by Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Colour (BIPOC). We are listening to our BIPOC neighbours and recognize that there is an under-representation of BIPOC musicians and composers in classical music. Recent events have made us more aware of our individual privilege and our organizational privilege. Many of our board members and staff attended the @justice4blackliveswinnipeg rally on June 5, but we recognize that this isn’t enough. At the board level, we have started conversations about what we can do, and we are looking at ways that we can build stronger relationships to BIPOC organizations and people within our communities. We are also looking at all aspects of our organization, from our programming to our organizational structure, and assessing how we can do better. This will be an ongoing process and we are not sure where this will lead. We do, however, recognize that we are part of a broken system and that we must do our part to make things better.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
(Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)