Education & outreach initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations.

Co-presentations with the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematéque Theatre and send + receive: a festival of sound, the biennial Emerging Composers’ Competition (electroacoustic edition). Continuation of our dis/Organized Sound Series, GroundFloor Concerts, and Radio Sandbox. Other projects in the works include: a collaboration with the Winnipeg Classroom Guitar Society & the Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society; a creative band project with educator Steve Denby at JH Bruns Collegiate and composer Peter Meechan; and a collaboration with Flipside Opera highlighting the famous Manitoban, “Bloody Jack” Krafchenko.

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POSTPONED! (scheduled for September 18, 2020)
Socially distanced outdoor location near R3L1R5 (location provided to ticket-holders)

SOUNDYARD is back this fall with their first outdoor concert in Winnipeg. Find your tickets here ($1-$50 by pay-what-you-can subscription) or $20 at the door (contact SoundYard for location).

As part of our GroundFloor Concerts initiative, this event has been sponsored by GroundSwell.

Trimpin: The Sound of Invention
Co-presented with Winnipeg Film Group
CANCELLED! (scheduled for Friday, Oct. 23 @ 7 pm / Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 2 pm)

Directed by Peter Esmonde
2009, USA, 79 min

This amusing exploration of the sonic world of an eccentric creative genius will delight anyone interested in the mysteries, pitfalls, and sheer joy of creative experiment. Artist, inventor, engineer and composer Trimpin shuns the hype and hyperbole of the commercial art world – yet his freewheeling sculptures and outrageous musical experiments are cherished by museums all over the planet. Filmed over two years the film follows the artist inventor as he designs a 60 foot tower of more than 500 electric guitars and builds an ensemble of huge marimbas that convert real time earthquake data into music as he collaborates with the Kronos Quartet.

Co-presented with Winnipeg Film Group
November 27-December 25
Available to stream through Cinematheque at Home 

Directed by Alex Winter
2020, USA, 129 min

A vast collection of his unreleased music, movies, incomplete projects, unseen interviews, and unheard concert recordings. Told entirely through this fantastic footage, we discover a totally uncompromising artist who battled a commercial record industry in his pursuit of artistic integrity. From his desire to get away from the stifling conservative atmosphere of a small town, he broke the rules of classical composing and defied the standards of rock and roll.

“This is the definitive Frank Zappa documentary.” – Ahmet Zappa, Rolling Stone

This title is available to rent via Cinematheque at Home. This is not only an opportunity for their patrons to see new cinema, but is an important way that you can continue to support independent film during this pandemic with 30% of all sales supporting their theatre.


from All Tomorrow’s Oceans, Xuan Ye, 2019-2020

All Tomorrow’s Oceans
Co-presented with send + receive: a festival of sound
Friday, October 2, 2020

This live-streamed multimedia presentation includes an intercontinental collaboration between legendary composer Carl Stone and Tokyo-based singer, songwriter, and improviser Akaihirume; the live-streamed debut of All Tomorrow’s Oceans, an enveloping audio-visual performance by artist and musician Xuan Ye; an excursion through the choral landscapes of Sarah Jo Kirsch; and a towering, outdoor adaptation of Dimmer Switch by Colby Richardson.


Stream through Facebook Live @ 7:30-8:30PM CDT

The third instalment of Cameron Denby’s Keyboards in Recital Series has evolved into a livestream performance, with music arranged for vibraphone (Caroline Bucher) and marimba (Denby). The concert includes arrangements by Denby, adapted from music for orchestra, piano, and choir, varying from c. 1650-1917; solo pieces, including Steph Davis‘ I go to prepare a place for you; and a premiere by Winnipeg composer Kiara Nathaniel.

Donations are strongly recommended, however Denby notes that everyone should be able to enjoy the arts, regardless of their financial situation.

As part of our GroundFloor Concerts initiative, this event has been sponsored by GroundSwell. This project is also supported by Marimba One™ and Crescent Arts Centre.