GS3: Megumi Masaki Transformation

Nov. 17, 2022, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Muriel Richardson Auditorium 730pm.


Megumi Masaki

MEGUMI MASAKI  | TRANSFORMATION:a celebration of human resilience, calls to action, and transformational experiences. 

Four interactive multimedia works reimagine the piano and pianist’s artistic expression through new technologies, and transform the listener’s concert to an immersive, emotional and cinematic experience. 


PIANO GAMES by Keith Hamel is the first live video game controlled by the pianist and piano, transporting the listener to new worlds of beauty, fire and peace. 

ORPHEUS (1) by T. Patrick Carrabré and poetry by Margaret Atwood challenges the Orpheus myth as a love story, empowering Eurydice to decide her own fate.

Dōshite? どうして?by Bob Pritchard honours over 21,000 Japanese Canadians sent to internment camps during WW2. 

AI WEIWEI: ON POETRY by Gordon Fitzell presents an inspirational text by Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei in an uncompromisingly raw sonic and choreographic environment for transcendent thinking. 


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