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March 15, 2022 | 8 PM
Winnipeg art gallery, muriel Richardson auditorium
Guest curator, crys cole
MAY 11, 2022 CONCERT POSTPONED.  STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS! This program is dedicated to the incomparable work of American artist & composer David Behrman alongside one of his recent collaborators, emerging American composer & fiddler Cleek Schrey.  Since the 1960’s, New York-based composer David Behrman has charted new territories by melding new technologies with traditional instrumentation to create compelling works that exist in a distinct world of their own. A founding member of the Sonic Arts Union (alongside Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma & Robert Ashley) and producer of the Music of Our Time series at Columbia records in the late 60’s, Behrman has continually innovated new ideas in contemporary music through his recordings, concerts, collaborations and installations. Appearing with David Behrman is Cleek Schrey, an exciting young artist who fuses a deep connection to traditional music with an unyielding exploration of new approaches to sound. Interspecies Smalltalk will showcase historic works alongside new and collaborative pieces, developed by the unique fusion of these collaborators.